Acid Orange 7 Powder For Silk And Wool Dyeing

Welcome to the world of Acid Orange 7 (commonly known as 2-Naphthol Orange), the ultimate azo dye for all your wool dyeing needs. This powerful and versatile dye is popular in the textile industry for its outstanding properties and unmatched results. With its excellent coloring properties, Acid Orange 7 has become an important tool for achieving vivid and long-lasting colors on wool and silk fabrics.

Looking for the perfect dye for silk and wool?  Acid Orange 7 is your best choice! Whether you’re a fashion designer, textile manufacturer, or just a lover of ideas, Acid Orange 7 is the key to a world of captivating color and endless artistic possibilities. So why wait? Experience the brilliance of Acid Orange 7 today and take your silk and wool dyeing to new heights of excellence!

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Acid Orange 7, also called acid orange II, is a powder dye specially formulated to provide exceptional performance in silk and wool dyeing applications. With its bright orange hue, it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any fabric it encounters. Its unrivaled versatility allows it to be used in a variety of staining techniques, making it a favorite of professionals and hobbyists alike.


Produce Name Acid Orange II
CAS NO. 633-96-5
C.I. NO. Acid Orange 7


1. Vibrant Pigmentation: Acid Orange 7 is known for its remarkable ability to produce vibrant, eye-catching color that won't fade over time. Its depth of tone can be easily adjusted to ensure consistent and reliable results.

2. Excellent compatibility: This azo dye is specially designed for silk and wool dyeing, ensuring seamless fusion with fabric fibers. It adheres easily to the material, providing an even color distribution and avoiding any blotches or uneven results.

3. Ease of use: Acid Orange 7 comes in a convenient powder form that can be easily measured and dissolved in water. Its excellent solubility guarantees a homogeneous dye mixture for an even and efficient dyeing process.

4. Versatile Applications: Whether you are a professional textile maker or a passionate DIYer, Acid Orange 7 is ideal for a range of dyeing techniques. From dip-dye to tie-dye, this dye adapts seamlessly, allowing you to explore endless creative possibilities.

5. Long-lasting effect: Acid Orange 7 is known for its excellent color stability. Once applied, the vibrant shades retain their strength even after repeated washings and prolonged sun exposure, ensuring your fabrics will retain their stunning color for years to come.


Acid orange 7, this high quality powder dye is specially formulated for silk and wool dyeing to deliver outstanding results to the highest industry standards.  Known for its exceptional color stability and compatibility, Acid Orange 7 (also known as Acid Orange II) is the dye of choice for achieving vibrant and long-lasting color on silk and wool fabrics. 

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