Acid Black 1 Powder Dyes for Fingerprints

Are you tired of dealing with unclear and unreliable fingerprints? Look no further!

In summary, Acid Black 1 is the ultimate solution for fingerprinting and staining applications. Its deep black color, superior performance, and safety data sheet compatibility make it the first choice for forensic science, law enforcement, and professionals in various industries. Say goodbye to fuzzy prints and unreliable dyes – choose Acid Black 1 for unrivaled quality and superior results. Trust our products, trust Acid Black 1!

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Acid Black 1 is also known as Acid Black 10B or Acid Black 10BX in some regions. Rest assured these are alternate names used interchangeably for the same superior quality and performance. Regardless of the name, Acid Black 1's exceptional performance remains the same.

Acid Black 1 is a black powder that has revolutionized fingerprint recognition. With its outstanding quality and versatility, Acid Black 1 is the solution of choice for all fingerprint related applications.

Acid black 1 sds is available. If you want to know more information of this acid dyes, please contact us for the data sheet.


Produce Name Acid blue black 10b
CAS NO. 1064-48-8
C.I. NO. Acid black 1


One of the distinguishing features of Acid Black 1 is its ability to be used for a wide range of applications beyond fingerprinting. If you need a versatile and effective dye for textiles, leather or paper, Acid Black 1 guarantees excellent results. Its excellent color fastness and durability make it ideal for a variety of industries, providing long-lasting and vibrant results.

Acid black 1 exceptional durability ensures your fingerprints and other stain applications last longer, even under harsh environmental conditions. With Acid Black 1, you can trust that your prints will remain clear and unique, allowing for precise identification and analysis.


Acid Black 1 is specially designed to enhance the visibility and clarity of fingerprints for accurate identification and analysis. Its deep black color ensures that prints are detailed and clear, making it easier for forensic experts and law enforcement agencies to match and compare prints. Whether analyzing crime scenes or solving complex investigations, Acid Black 1 is the perfect companion for fingerprint experts.

Acid Black 1 not only delivers impeccable results, but also guarantees safety and reliability. We understand the importance of delivering products that meet the highest standards. Therefore, Acid Black 1 complies with all Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements, ensuring user-friendly and safe use.

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