Acid Red 73 For Textile And Leather Industries Uses

Acid Red 73 is widely used as a colorant in various industries, including textiles, cosmetics and printing inks. It can dye different types of fibers, including natural fibers such as cotton and wool, as well as synthetic fibers.

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Acid Red 73, also known as Acid Red G,acid brilliant croceine moo,acid brilliant scarlet gr, is a synthetic dye belonging to the class of azo dyes. Acid Red 73 is a bright red dye. It is primarily used as a colorant in various industries, including textiles, cosmetics, and printing inks. Acid Red 73 is water soluble and forms a red solution.


Produce Name Acid brilliant croceine moo
CAS NO. 5413-75-2
C.I. NO. Acid Red 73


1. Chemical Stability
Acid Red 73 has good chemical stability, allowing it to withstand various processing conditions such as high temperature and pH changes.

2. Light fastness
Acid Red 73 has medium light fastness, which means it can withstand some exposure to light without noticeable fading or color change.

3. Water Solubility
Acid Red 73 is highly water soluble which makes it suitable for a variety of waterborne applications. However, prolonged exposure to strong light or UV radiation may cause some degradation.

4. Compatibilit
Acid Red 73 can be combined with other dyes to achieve different shades or create color mixes.

5. Color Fastness
Acid Red 73 generally exhibits good color fastness, especially when properly applied and set. It has good resistance to washing, light and other environmental factors.


Acid Red 73 is mainly used as a dye for textile dyeing, including cotton, wool and silk. It's also used to make cosmetics, such as lipstick and hair dye.

In addition, it is also used in printing ink, paper and various plastic products. Color properties: Acid Red 73 produces a bright red color. Its color will vary depending on factors such as concentration, pH and the type of material applied.

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