Acid Black ATT Using for Yarn And Leather Dyeing

Our Acid Black ATT is a highly versatile and reliable dyeing solution designed for yarn and leather applications. With its exceptional color strength and excellent color fastness, it is perfect for achieving vibrant, long-lasting color on a wide variety of materials.

Acid Black ATT is an excellent dyeing solution that brings life and vitality to yarns and leathers. Its exceptional versatility, excellent color fastness and ease of use make it a reliable choice for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you are a textile maker, DIY enthusiast or leather crafter, Acid Black ATT is the perfect companion for your dyeing projects. Experience the brilliance of Acid Black ATT to infuse your materials with captivating color and long-lasting beauty.

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Acid Black ATT is an acid dye commonly used in the textile industry. It is known for its deep black color and good color fastness properties. Acid dyes such as Acid Black ATT are suitable for dyeing natural and synthetic fibers such as wool, silk, nylon and acrylic. They are commonly used in applications such as dyeing clothing, fabrics and carpets.


Produce Name Acid black ATT
CAS NO. mix
C.I. NO. Acid Black ATT


One of the key features of Acid Black ATT is its compatibility with a wide variety of materials. Whether you are working with wool, silk, polyester or nylon yarns, Acid Black ATT will provide consistent and excellent results on all of these fibers. Likewise for leather, Acid Black ATT is effective on all types including vegetable, chrome and synthetic leathers. This versatility makes it ideal for textile manufacturers, artisans and anyone wishing to explore its creative potential.

Acid Black ATT is known for its ease of use. Its simple application process ensures hassle-free staining, making it easy for professionals and beginners alike to achieve professional-grade results. With its high solubility and good compatibility with different dyeing techniques such as soaking, hand dyed or machine dyed, Acid Black ATT offers endless possibilities.


Acid Black ATT is an excellent choice when it comes to yarn dyeing. Its unique formula ensures deep penetration into the fibers for even color distribution and rich, intense shades. Whether you're dyeing natural or synthetic yarns, Acid Black ATT guarantees vibrant colors that will stand up to multiple washes without fading or bleeding.

 For leather users, leather dye Acid Black ATT provides excellent results. Its advanced formula glides on easily, ensuring full coverage and even color penetration. Our Acid Black ATT presents a vibrant shade that will enhance the natural beauty of the leather, providing a luxurious and elegant finish. In addition, the dye has excellent light fastness, keeping the color vivid for a long time even when exposed to sunlight.

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