Pigment red 57:1 for water base paint

Get ready to experience the color revolution with our innovative product, Pigment Red 57:1. This special organic pigment is designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including water-based coatings and cosmetics.

In terms of color, Pigment Red 57:1 exceeds all expectations. This pigment comes in rich and vibrant hues, ensuring your art, paint or cosmetics stand out from the crowd. Its unique chemical composition ensures long-lasting color that does not fade, making it ideal for any application.

Pigment Red 57:1, also known as PR57:1, is a red pigment widely used in various industries, including paints, inks, plastics and textiles. It is a synthetic organic pigment whose chemical composition is based on 2B-naphthol calcium sulfide. PR57:1 is known for its bright, rich and long-lasting red color. Its high opacity and light fastness make it suitable for applications requiring long-lasting color. The pigment has good thermal stability and can withstand a variety of processing conditions.

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Produce Name Pigment red 57:1
Other Names Pigment red 57.1, Pigment red 57 1
CAS NO. 5281-04-9
C.I. NO. Pigment red 57:1


Pigment Red 57:1 is crafted using cutting-edge technology and the highest quality organic materials. Our team of experts have perfected the manufacturing process to produce products that are free of impurities and deliver unparalleled performance. Pigment red 57.1 structure is speical designed, that ensures excellent dispersion and can be easily mixed with a variety of media.

Pigment Red 57:1 is a game changer for the waterborne coatings industry. Its compatibility with water-based systems makes it a versatile option for manufacturers looking to create a variety of vibrant colors. Whether you're painting a room or creating art, this pigment provides smooth application and superior color opacity for a professional-looking finish.

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In the cosmetics industry, Pigment Red 57:1 is the secret behind mesmerizing, beautiful makeup products. This pigment adds a touch of elegance to lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other cosmetic formulas. Its safe and non-toxic nature ensures that it meets the highest standards of cosmetic production. Whether you're going for a bold and bold look or seeking a more subtle, natural look, Pigment Red 57:1 offers endless possibilities.

All in all, Pigment Red 57:1 offers a world of possibilities to the water-based coatings and cosmetics industry. Its vibrant colors, exceptional performance and impeccable quality set it apart from the competition. Whether you are a professional artist or a cosmetics manufacturer, Pigment Red 57:1 is the perfect choice to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience. Experience the color revolution and unlock the true potential of your products with Pigment Red 57:1.

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When it comes to quality assurance, our products exceed expectations. Every batch of Pigment Red 57:1 undergoes strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent color intensity and purity. Additionally, our Technical Data Sheets (TDS) provide comprehensive information on the chemical and physical properties of our pigments. This enables our customers to make informed decisions when adding Pigment Red 57:1 to their products.

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