What is the difference between Sulphur Black and Acid Black Att in textile dyeing?

Sulphur black :CAS1326-82-5 Appearance Properties Black powder. Insoluble in water and ethanol. Soluble in sodium sulfide solution is dark green; Completely discolored in sodium hypochlorite solution.

Acid Black Att:CAS:167954-13-4 Acid black ATT is black brown powder. Dissolves in water as a black solution. It is reddish dark blue in concentrated sulfuric acid. Blue-black in concentrated ammonia. When dyed on wool, good fastness to sun and soap.

Sulphur black and acid black ATT are both categories of dyes, sulphur black is mostly thioether compounds, while acid black is usually azo compounds. Their chemical structure is very different, and they have their own advantages. Vulcanized black dyes have the following advantages:

Wide range of application: vulcanized black dye is suitable for natural fibers and synthetic fibers dyeing, can be used for cotton, hemp, man-made fibers and other materials dyeing.

Good color fastness: vulcanized black dyes usually have good light fastness, wash resistance, friction resistance and other color fastness, so that it has a good dyeing effect on the fabric.

Advantages of acid black dyes include:

Suitable for protein fibers: Acid black dyes are suitable for dyeing animal protein fibers such as silk and wool, and can also be used for dyeing dark cotton fabrics. Easy dyeing: The acid black dye is easy to penetrate and fix during the dyeing process, and can obtain a uniform and deep black on the fabric.Cost-effective advantage: The price of sulfide black, including active black, is the cheapest, and the application range is still wide.Our company mainly produces Sulphur black, liquid Sulphur black, Sulphur miscellaneous color, Sulphur vulcanized dyes. And there is also acid black ATT. Perennial export to Bangladesh. India. Pakistan. Egypt, and Iran. Both the supply and the quality are particularly stable. More important is the price advantage.

Post time: Dec-06-2023