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Introducing our iron oxide yellow pigments, especially iron oxide yellow 34! Our high quality pigments are used in a wide range of applications including paints, coatings and cements. With CAS NO. 1344-37-2, Iron Oxide Yellow 34 is a versatile and reliable choice for your coloring needs.

Iron Oxide Yellow 34 is a synthetic iron oxide pigment known for its bright, vibrant yellow color. It is highly stable and has excellent lightfastness, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications such as architectural coatings and concrete products. The pigment is also resistant to chemicals, weathering and UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting coloration.


Produce Name Iron Oxide Yellow 34
Other Names Pigment Yellow 34, iron oxide yellow pigment, yellow iron oxide
CAS NO. 1344-37-2
Iron Oxide Yellow 34 used in floor paint and coating
Iron Oxide Yellow 34 used in floor paint and coating


Our Iron Oxide Yellow 34 is designed for paint, coating and cement applications. The pigment has fine particle size and uniform distribution, making it easy to disperse and blend into various materials. It provides excellent coverage and color consistency, enhancing the overall appearance and performance of the final product.


For the paintings industry, Iron Oxide Yellow 34 is commonly used in interior and exterior coating formulations, including high-performance industrial coatings. Its excellent covering and pigmentation power make it ideal for achieving bright, vibrant yellow shades. It also helps improve the paint's durability and weather resistance, ensuring long-term protection and beauty.

For the coatings industry, Iron Oxide Yellow 34 adds visual appeal and protective benefits to a variety of products, including automotive coatings, powder coatings and marine coatings. Its chemical and weather resistance make it particularly suitable for demanding outdoor environments, providing a reliable and long-lasting color solution.

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