How to choose ink dyes according to coating of stick-on label

The most common used material in PP advertising design is the stick-on label. According to the coating of stick- on label, three types of black ink are suitable for printing: weak organic solvent black ink, pigment ink, and dye ink.

ink dyes

The PP stick-on label printed by weak organic solvent black ink is often referred to as outdoor stick-on label or oil soluble stick-on label, and can be applied outdoors without a sub film.

Stick-on label printed by liquid pigment ink, known as moisture-proof adhesive in the sales market, does not cover the sub film and is only used indoors.

Stick-on label printed by dye ink is water-soluble, and it is not moisture-resistant. The coating melts when it comes into contact with water, so it must be covered with a sub film indoors for use. The temperature resistance range of the label is -20 ℃ -+80 ℃, with a minimum labeling temperature of 7 ℃.

In our product catalog, we have many products can be used as ink. Such as solvent red 135, solvent orange 62, direct red 227, acid black 2, etc.

Solvent red 135 belongs to oil soluble solvent dyes. It can be soluble in oil chemicals, and provide bright color shade.

solvent orange 135

solvent orange 62 belongs to metal complex solvent dyes. It can dissolve in organic solvents, such as alcohol or mineral spirits, and are commonly used in applications like high-quality prints, markers, and industrial printing.

solvent orange 62

Direct red 227 is a kind of direct dyes. It is water-soluble dyes commonly used for dyeing wool, silk, and nylon fibers. They can also be used in inks to provide bright and vibrant colors.

direct red 227

Acid black 2 is a kind of aicd dyes. It is primarily used for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic fibers. They can also be used in inks for printing on absorbent materials.

acid black 2

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Post time: Oct-27-2023