Do You Konw Direct Blue 71?

The textile industry is one of the main application areas of Direct Blue 71. Direct blue 71 can give textiles a bright and stable blue, while having good light resistance and washing resistance. During the textile dyeing process, direct blue 71 can achieve various effects through different dyeing methods and processes, such as immersion dyeing, printing and coating. By reasonably controlling the staining conditions and adding other additives, different shades of blue can be realized to meet different needs.

The Direct blue 71 is also widely used in the leather industry. It can be used in leather dyeing, spraying and brushing and other processes, giving leather a rich blue tone. Direct blue 71 has good permeability and fixability, can be closely combined with leather fiber, make the color more durable.

Direct blue 71 is mainly used in the dyeing and printing process in the paper industry. It can give the paper a bright blue tone, making the paper more attractive and decorative. Direct blue 71 has good water and light resistance to forming a stable color layer on paper.

As a synthetic organic dye, direct blue 71 has a wide range of applications in several industries. You are welcome to order.

Post time: May-22-2024