Do You Know The Solvent Red 25?

Solvent Red 25 is a kind of dye widely used in fur printing industry, which has good dyeing effect and environmental protection performance.

The application of solvent red 25 in the fur printing industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Excellent dyeing effect: solvent red 25 has a good dyeing effect, which can make fur products show bright and lasting color. Compared with traditional dyes, solvent red 25 has higher color fastness and is not easy to fade, which can meet the needs of consumers for the color of fur products.

2.. Excellent environmental performance: Solvent red 25 is an environmentally friendly dye, does not contain harmful substances, harmless to the environment and human body. In the production process, the solvent red 25 does not produce toxic gases and waste water, reducing the pollution to the environment. In addition, the dyeing process of the solvent red 25 does not require a lot of water, saving water resources.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction: The dyeing process of solvent red 25 has low energy consumption, which can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises. Compared with traditional dyes, the dyeing process of solvent Red 25 can save about 30% of energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, which is conducive to achieving green production.

4. Improve the added value of products: Fur products dyed with solvent red 25 have higher added value, which can meet the needs of consumers for high-quality products. Through the use of solvent red 25 dyeing, the color of the fur products is more vivid and durable, and the beauty and quality of the products are improved.

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Post time: Mar-21-2024