What Are Jeans Dyed With?

The dyeing of jeans mainly adopts indigo dye dyeing, sulphur dye dyeing and reactive dye dyeing. Among them, indigo dyeing is the most traditional denim fabric dyeing method, divided into natural indigo dye and synthetic indigo dye. Natural indigo dye is extracted from indigo grass and other plants, while synthetic indigo dye is made from petrochemical products such as aniline and other raw materials.

In addition to indigo dyeing, sulphur dyeing is also one of the common dyeing methods for jeans. This dyeing method uses vulcanized dyes to dye the fabric dark, which has the characteristics of washable and wear-resistant. Compared with indigo dye dyeing, sulphur dye dyeing color is more vivid, suitable for the production of various colors of jeans.

Vulcanized dyes, mainly used for cotton fiber dyeing, can also be used for cotton/vitamin blended fabrics. sulphur dyes do not contain water-soluble groups in their molecular structure, so they cannot be directly dissolved in water. However, when the reducing agent such as alkali sulphur is added, the disulphur bond, sulfoxyl group, and quinone group in the sulphur dye are reduced to sulfhydryl group, that is, leucosome, and the dye can be dissolved in water at this time.

The main advantages of vulcanized dyes include low cost, and the dye is generally washable and fast. In addition, the use of vulcanized dyes is also relatively simple, only after the dye is dissolved can be dyed. However, the color spectrum of sulphur dyes is not complete, the color is not bright enough, mainly black, brown, blue and so on. Although the color fastness to washing is high, the fastness to bleaching is low, and it is easy to be brittle during storage.

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Post time: May-10-2024