What Is The Difference Between Powder Sulphur Black And Liquid Sulphur Black?

Sulphur Black bluish and sulphur black are two forms of sulphur black.

1 Sulphur Black Bluish : this is a solid form of sulphur black, usually used in the manufacture of printing ink, rubber products, etc. Its particle size is usually between 20-30 microns, and it has good dispersion and stability.

2. Liquid sulphur black: This is a liquid form of sulphur black, usually used in the manufacture of ink, paint and so on. Its concentration is usually between 20-85%, and it has good fluidity and solubility.

The main difference between the two is form and use, but both are made from sulfur and carbon black through a chemical reaction.

Sulphur Black bluish has lower price and better dyeing performance, while liquid sulphur black is more environmentally safe, dyeing fast and has the same use. However, they all have this Sulphur Black bluish and liquid sulphur black, and some other ingredients can be added as needed during the manufacturing process to improve their performance or adapt to specific applications. For example, antioxidants can be added to improve its heat resistance, or plasticizers can be added to improve its flexibility.

When using Sulphur Black bluish and liquid sulphur black, there are also some things to pay attention to. First of all, since they are chemicals, they should be handled in accordance with the relevant safety regulations and avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. Secondly, ensure good ventilation conditions during use to prevent the inhalation of harmful gases. Finally, the residue should be cleaned up in time after use to avoid pollution to the environment.

In general, Sulphur Black bluish and liquid sulphur black are two very useful chemical products, and their wide application makes our life more convenient and colorful. However, we should also take care to use them correctly and safely to ensure the safety of our health and the environment.

Post time: Mar-11-2024